Need advice on gluing two layers of Proofgrade plywood together

I want to make this flag design I found on Etsy. It’s roughly 12 x 6.5 inches and will be made of two layers of Proofgrade plywood - walnut on top and maple on the bottom. I have no experience with wood, so I don’t know the best way to glue it. I’m going to use E6000 high viscosity glue because I read that it will bond sealed wood. What is the best way to glue the two layers together so that the edges are all completely flush? I have some small plastic C clamps but when I tested them on 4 corners of a piece of wood, they didn’t lay flat on the table so I don’t think the edges would line up properly. Could I just lay heavy books on top? Once I eventually get it glued properly, will I need to do anything to make the flag look good from the side, where the edges of the two layers will be visible? I only have one sheet of walnut that has just enough space to cut out one flag, so I don’t want to mess it up. I would appreciate any suggestions offered.
Marine flag

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Wood glue will do what you want - and since the PG wood is already finished you’re going to want to sand the sides that will be glued together.

Scoring the top pattern into the bottom wood will allow you to line things up correctly, and corner clamps will keep things aligned while the glue is drying.

Once it’s dry if you don’t like the look of the sides you can sand the edges down and they’ll show the patterning of the wood - if you don’t like that look you can use veneer to put an edge on that you like - or paint it over (put masking on the top and bottom so your paint line stays where you want it!

Looking forward to seeing your finished product :slight_smile:

Thank you, Deirdre! I looked at the corner clamps, and I’m not sure how I would use them in this case. The pictures show them putting pressure from an outside edge to an inside edge, like a picture frame. Since this will be two solid pieces lying one atop the other, I won’t have an inside edge, if that makes sense.

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I once tested a bunch of glues with Proofgrade to other stuff, and found that the majority of the time, gel superglue works the best. That way you don’t need clamps! As long as the glue point isn’t getting lots of impact (bracelets), you can happily use instead of E6000.


Thank you!

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Apologies, specifically you’d want the strap style one. Here’s a specific one:

image image


That’s perfect! Thank you so much. And there’s no reason to apologize; I didn’t look far enough to see the band clamps.

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This is the finished project, for a Vietnam veteran’s 70th birthday. He got a lot of hate when he came home from the war. This is a long overdue acknowledgement of thanks.


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