Need Bill to export printer from US to Europe!


In order to transport our printer to Romania, via our shipping supplier, we need the acquisition bill.

We found no bill in our account, we sent an email to one month ago and still no answer! we need to provide it to the shipping company, they need it when presenting the documents at the customs. Where can we get it from??? It is really frustrating, after we waited 3 years for the printer, now we cannot bring it to our country.

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To everyone who is not a staff member from glowforge (i was not able to receive an answer from any of them) , how did you manage to register the printer in your company in terms of accountancy??

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You should move this to Problems and Support, as it is the only forum area they are responsible for reading.

Thanks, i did that now, hope someone from gf will have the decency to answer. I really don’t understand why it’s so damn hard. I’ve waited 3 years for the printer, i don’t want to wait another 3 years for a bill…

Unfortunately, I think that moving a post doesn’t work. If I understand correctly, a new post has to be created in Problems and Support to trigger the ticket making system.

Will printing out the order from your billing history work? If you go to and sign in, click on your name in the upper right hand corner. There should be a link to purchase history there.


For import and accountancy a proper commercial invoice is required. Purchase history is no proof of purchase. I could print mine and then cancel.

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When you paid for it they should have sent an email with your invoice. I don’t know exactly what you need, but this has worked for Canada. Other owners have had to go dig through their old emails. The other option is to email support directly. I understand that you did that already, but I also know that at the end of the year Glowforge support was overwhelmed and some emails were never answered. Dan apologized a couple times about this.

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I didn’t get an invoice when I paid, just a purchase confirmation. An invoice is a legal document required for accounting.

Exactly. i don’t understand why no one from gf doesn’t have an answer for this situation. I’ve sent emails to support, i wrote a message to @dan, explaining him that i even risk being fired because i don’t have a way to legally justify the acquisition. Absolutely nothing.
I can’t imagine what will happen if i’m going to experience some hardware problems with the printer. Of course, if i manage to import it. And if i will still be working for the company that paid for it.

If accounting rules are the same in the US as they are in the UK then they are legally obliged to raise a sales invoice. Possibly not at the point we pre-ordered but definitely at the point you reply to the golden email and they convert it to a sale. Have you actually got to that stage?

What we got in email is pretty typical for US companies these days.

Yes but it doesn’t say invoice on it and it doesn’t have a number, so it isn’t an invoice.

It is just my guess but the legal history between Romania and the US has been a rocky one and even dead issues could still trip up the smooth flow of commerce, Particularly where High Tech, computers and cloud-based systems are a major part. I could be very wrong as keeping up with these things is very hard, but as big a set of hurdles just Canada and the UK have been, the rest of the world would likely be a nightmare for a company the size of Glowforge. and many countries impossible.

Thanks, i’ve tried to send to authorities that billing history, but they told me that i really need an invoice :slight_smile:. If we don’t have an invoice, we won’t even be able to register it as a logistic equipment in our company.

I hadthe printer delivered to an US address, and that friend of mine is trying to send it to Romania. He cannot do it just because we don’t have the invoice, so we can actually pay all the other taxes.

Sorry, but it has nothing to do with legal history between Romania and US. We ordered it 3 years ago and asked for a shipment to and address in the US. Now that has finally arrived, our contact is trying to arrange a shipment for us, but he cannot close the procedures because there is no invoice. Not in the emails when we paid for it ( 3 f years ago!), not in my account, not even a response for the 10 emails i’ve sent to GF team.

And no reply to this thread in 8 days, crazy, why can’t GF do a simple thing like produce an invoice? It isn’t hard.

asked support for an invoice in 2016 … got this days later :

accountant approved it.

… should not require a great deal of energy :upside_down_face:

I didn’t ask for it until now because i supposed it will be delivered with the printer. 3 years later, found out that i was wrong. Still, i would recommend you to double check with the accountant, below says “This is not a VAT invoice or receipt.”:slight_smile:

I’m going to tag @Rita so that someone from support will see this again …they’ll probably respond to you via direct email though, since the information will be private. So be sure to check your spam folder.

(Frankly, at this point, if I needed the information quickly, I would send another direct email to them, listing the Order Number and amount paid from my Purchase History on the account, briefly explaining the situation with your friend trying to arrange transport, and that the friend has already received the unit, and ask for an invoice that he can use. Include every bit of pertinent information that you can think of in the same letter, so they don’t have to waste time looking it all up and tracking it down before generating your invoice.)

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