Need black cable ASAP

My black cable seems to have gone on my Forge. This is my second black cable this year and it looks like they are out of stock in the shop. I emailed and called customer support but I haven’t heard a response yet. If anyone has an extra that they are willing to part with I will pay them extra for it :pray:

That bites! The cables generally last for years and years

FYI, by both emailing and posting here you slow down their response. Next time only do one or the other (unless you don’t get the auto-response because that would mean the email is not getting through)

They don’t have a phone number for CS, so not sure who you called!

Hmm not sure how seeing if anyone has an extra cable since the the glowforge store is out of stock is slowing down their response. And if you Google “glowforge customer support” the first result is literally a phone number so that’s what I called.

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I think @deirdrebeth mistakenly thought this was posted in Problems and Support. THAT would have opened a duplicate ticket. :slight_smile:


I totally did - my bad!


Ah yeah, if you actually click through on that what it says is “You can also reach our voicemail at + 1 (855) 338-2122. Be sure to leave your email address as we’re not able to return calls.” Google is not infallible sadly.


You can click the Feedback button below that and report it as inaccurate. If enough people do, it will be removed.

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Hey, it just occurred to me - if this was a relatively new cable, then it is possible it’s a connection problem, not a broken cable. They generally last longer than that (mine is three years old.)

Those connectors are not designed to be opened/closed so replacing is a really tricky operation. So with that said, it is possible it’s just a bad connection, especially if the machine is used frequently - some debris might have gotten in there. You might try carefully re-seating those three connections and see if that solves the issue.


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