Need carriage belt gf is backordered help@

I need a carriage belt, the one in the back, please please please help! It’s an emergency!

Define emergency?

There are ways people can help without a belt possibly. You provide art, someone cuts and ships materials for you etc.

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You might also want to send Support an email at They might have one set aside for repairs under warranty. (Send them a photo of the damaged belt in your first contact.)


They are aware but they said it’s on back order and they havne’t said for how long you

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I have a bunch of orders to finish :frowning: and GF said they are back ordered but wont tell me how long it will be

Sorry to hear that…it means they don’t know. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

You might want to consider what @evansd2 suggested as an alternative for your current orders. You’d lose the profit, but keep the customers.

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I wouldn’t even know where to begin, some are painted and personalized lol I am just hoping that someone has one, i found a guy that sells them but haven’t heard back from him yet

There is a person in the forum that has sold replacement belts in the past. Perhaps you can message him. @ yoyodyne2112


I did!! Thank You!!!

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