Need Cartage Belt, No response from customer service in over a week

Has anyone else had an issue contacting support? My cartridge belt broke and I’ve been trying to reach support for over a week now to get a replacement. I made support tickets, but I’m wondering if there is a certain email I’m supposed to be using instead? I did get an automated response from the last ticket created a week ago, but nothing since then.
Alaina Monster

The only email is (which is the same place it gets sent if you post via the “submit a request” link on the main page) - but it sounds like their responses to you are getting shunted into spam or something. I’d check your junk folder, and be sure to add to your whitelist.

Posting here also creates a ticket, so someone should be along shortly to verify whether or not they’ve received your earlier requests and to help get you sorted. They’re response time is generally within a single business day so with a week passing something definitely went wrong in there!

Hi @alaina.momeh - I am so sorry if you didn’t receive our last email, thanks for letting us know! Since this has to do with your personal account, we will follow up with you through email. I’m going to leave this topic open to make sure you are able to get the response there.

You can get one from me < I have an extra set:

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Hi @alaina.momeh, I see we’ve been able to reach you via email and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.