Need Customer Service Tips

I need suggestions on how to work with Glowforge Customer Service. I opened communication about Glowforge issues on November 12. Thirty days later I have made no progress in getting my unit repaired. I received an invoice of $200 to cover shipping the unit back for repairs & paid it immediately. Several times I’ve sent emails verifying payment of the invoice & cannot get anyone to send me a shipping label or instructions. In the meantime I purchased another Glowforge. I hate to spend the money but have sooo many holiday orders to complete. My warranty on my original Glowforge Pro expired about 45 days ago. Paying for a new machine is not a very economical business decision but I care too much about people to let my customers down. In the meantime I left my Glowforge Pro at my local shipping service as I am now in Germany at the Christmas Market. Bless their hearts, they text me everyday to see if I have received shipping instructions yet. Any ideas on how I can develop a good working relationship with a customer service rep? Or has anyone had success finding an outside technician that can service machines?

There are only 2 options I can think of.

  1. They’ve replied to you via e-mail and your spam filter has quarantined them. You’ll want to investigate that.
  2. You’ve done everything you can and Glowforge have failed you.

I haven’t heard of any third party technicians for hire. Anybody can service their machine, but you need to get your hands on the parts.


Wow. It seems communication really broke down here in that you had the shipping credit but didn’t get any instructions. Something got lost. I hope they follow up on this soon.

I’m happy to see you like your Glowforge well enough that you could get another one. But the repairs and replacements is still not as smooth as we would like, for sure.

My brother and sister-in-law are in Köln today. They went over this week to go to the Christmas Markets. They are travelling around just to go to the markets. Were in Münster on the weekend.

Hi @lincolncrump,

I apologize for the delay. It looks like we missed you over the weekend, and I’ve followed up with the team to see why you weren’t taken care of yesterday. I just sent your return labels and the next steps for your repair. Since we’re communicating over email, I’m going to close this thread.