Need help but not getting response from support!

My machine got on fire on Sunday and I have sent an email to suppport with pictures; I am trying to get a holf of someone to tell me what is going to happen now but I don’t get an answer from the tech support (Raymond) that emailed me asking for pictures; I sent anoter ticket to suppprt with no reply, and I have been calling all morning but I get an automated announcement stating to hold for the next customer service and it repeats the message 3 times then hangs up!!!

I am so frustrated. I need answers please.

Posting here opens a ticket. Opening multiple tickets aren’t going to help. Their support has always been a bit slow and as we get closer to the holidays it tends to get a bit slower. Someone WILL get back to you. Just not likely as fast as you would like.


Oh my, I am so sorry for our delayed response to you. I just went ahead and sent you an email requesting a little more information. I will be sure to keep an eye on it so that I can get you a quick next reply!

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