Need help confirming my golden email

I just received my golden email.

I selected the link (let us know if we should get your Glowforge on its way to you.) This lead me to the “Shipping” section of the Topics page. A lot of info on that page, but I was expecting to see a web form as to enter information. Particularly confirming that “yes, I want my Glowforge” But no such form exists.

I responded by replying to (… although that doesn’t seem like the right procedure.

If someone could please help me resolve this. I have no idea if this is standard, a glitch or me being incredibly ignorant.

Sorry, no useful information here. I just wanted to commiserate because I experienced the same thing an hour ago. I assume it went through, but it would have been nice to get a confirmation email or at least have been made to click a giant ‘Send my Glowforge NOW’ button.

The shipping email normally has a form for the shipping address with a big red “Next Step” button near the top. You can see an example here:

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Thanks for the reply.

The email I receive is quite different than your screen shot. I tried different browsers and turned off any ad blocking, but still no forms page. I’m guessing it’s an Glowforge update gone wrong.

I have emailed both and

Perhaps this will be resolve next week.

When you reply you are sent to a legal page that you cannot get to the next step without actually scrolling the whole way to the bottom. I have not seen such a detailed contract and it almost made me not want to sign, almost but not quite. I have had issues before with nonnegotiable contracts that are extreme and no real way to avoid agreement, short of not getting what you need. And l think blackballed for refusing to sign one for employment and was never offered any job of that type from anyone again.