Need help - error message - "Unable to complete print"

I was sailing along just fine this morning and I got the message “unable to complete print.” If looked at other messages on this board and there doesn’t seem to be any one solution for this. I have a Plus not a Pro and I was doing a lot of printing so I’m wondering if I just need to give it a rest? Any assistance would be appreciated. Tks.

Shut down and restart, if you get the same error it may be something in your art.
Verify that you can print something else ( you don’t need to hit print, just get to the point that the light is blinking).
If yes, it’s likely something in your art.

If you’d like you can post it here and see if anyone else can get it to the print-point.


Looks like that is the issue. Thank you. I’m not sure what the issue is with the art. I’ve printed it before. It is one of the premium designs that I resized to fit my need. Would that cause a problem? If so, why did it let me print it before?

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Ooph - if it’s a premium design that’s harder because of course you can’t download it to check it. At this point I’d wait for an actual staff member. They should be along shortly. It’s possible a bug was introduced when you resized, but no that definitely shouldn’t happen!


Got it working now. Tks.


Hi there, glad to hear you’re all squared away! I’ll go ahead and close this topic.

However, if you do run into any further issues feel free to open another topic or email us at

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