Need Help for this Copper bracelet?

Can this bracelet be engraved and if so what setting should I use?


Copper reflects the beam wavelength, and there is a possibility (remote but still there) that the beam will reflect into the head and damage the machine.

Also, you can engrave away an anodized coating, but not engrave actual metal with a CO2 laser. So you would have to use something like Cermark if you wanted to mark it.

If you can find an anodized aluminum blank you can engrave that with no special preparations.


Thank you

No problem. (They do make a metallic finish laser film that looks just like copper if you want to go that route…really stunning results.)

You can mark on that using Cermark or similar laser marking coatings. There’s no danger to the machine. As stated, however, you can’t engrave on the metal directly.

Really? I always thought you couldn’t put copper in there for any purpose, including Cermark as well as engraving off paint or whatever. If that’s not the case I’d like to know because there’s something I’ve been wanting to try.

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I’m not going to get into it in someone else’s thread in the open forums. PM if you want to discuss further.


Thanks I ordered the Cermark and I will look into the other item as well.

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