Need help from someone willing to cut for me

Hey all - I have a design and someone who needs it cut ASAP and shipped. Let me know if you’re willing and able - it is a cake topper (7" wide) and needs to be shipped to them tomorrow at the latest. I will send the design and the customer shipping address if you will cut it - I’ll give you $40 for the cost of material, shipping, and the expediency. My email is wendylwise at gmail. THANKS!

It’d help if you mentioned material requirements.

Also “shipped to them tomorrow”. Shipped or delivered? $40 gets pretty lean when you mean delivered.

I’m a little hesitant to volunteer, because I can’t get to my GF right now with my post-surgical foot, so loading and button-punching would have to be within the abilities of my husband – meaning it’s got to be pretty straight-forward. And I’d have to have the material on-hand. But if nobody else turns up I’ll be happy to give it a whirl.

Good points all. It is medium maple plywood and put in the mail to Ireland.

For $40, you’ll probably need to find a UK user to make it feasible.

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Looks like shipping alone would run at least $23 if I were to do it, and that’s the very cheapest / slowest USPS option. Plus materials ($16) that leaves $1 to cover packaging, time, and trouble. I think I’d better un-volunteer for now, particularly given that my current physical constraints would make it a lot more difficult to accomplish. Sorry!


Is it north or south Ireland, cos if it’s south might not be able to do next day shipping anyway. I’m going to Donegal on Tuesday

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Weird on shipping - I shipped the first one for $14 - it broke in transit which is why I need to ship a second one out ASAP. As far as materials - it should take up 1/4 to 1/3 of a full sheet of material, so the cost is down to $4-6. It takes 4-5 minutes to cut, so materials plus shipping is about $20, leaving $20 for labor/profit/shipping materials. I’ll up the payment to $50 if you can guarantee shipment by tomorrow. The shipping locale is:
Co. Cork P75 YY88

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Yes I know weird. Got caught out for my nephews birthdays. Afraid we don’t have any maple to spare so we can’t do it anyway.