Need help on table with overhead shelf for Glowforge

I am preparing a spot for the GF. The best place in the shop is the top of a bank of draws but it has an overhead shelf. I am hoping someone will tell me the location of the hinge of the top .(is it all the way at the back of the machine or forward of that)
what is the angle of the top when it is all the way up. These 2 bits of info will tell me if i can fit the machine there or look for other options.

Thanks in advance.

The hinges are at the rear. They are stiff enough that they will hold the lid when opened at only about a third of the way. All the way open is like 90 degrees.

Point being that opening the lid completely is not necessary, the hinges will hold it open at halfway and even a little less than that.

also keep in mind that the GF’s back cannot be flush against the wall, as the exhaust hose is there, so there is at least 4" or maybe a bit more to clamp a hose and turn it.

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yep. good point as well. I am thinking of using a 90 sweep fitting so i guess i need to add that to the mix.


Another word of warning. I have a hutch over mine with two shelves. I had carriage bolts on the shelf and one rolled off. Luckily I caught it before it hit the lid. I am now reconsidering moving the shelf!

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Oh … I had not thought about that. that is a good enough reason to move it as I am always getting things from that shelf. GREAT CATCH…

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Curious if that (the hinges) can be tightened or adjustable. My ProdForge1 lid has to be opened past 45 degrees before it will stay open. Less than that, it SLAMS shut, at 45 it slowly lowers a few inches then slams shut. Any other users have similar/different results

you could make a lip for the shelves, using the glowforge!

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you and i are thinking exactly the same on that one… thanks