Need help on the material thickness


I wanted help I’m not being able to print on the slate . The thickness is 0.34 of the material. I am not able to print on speed 900, power 30 and LPi 275 ( these setting were mentioned on community ) hence I am not sure as to what could have gone wrong. But I am unable to print it on the same. Can someone help please .

30 power seems awefully low to me for slate. I’ve always used 100 on slate.
Do you have a pic of the result?


Did you use the set focus tool? I agree with Tom that 30 power is too low.

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I don’t. Nothing got printed so… I will try on full power

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Yes. Focus - I kept on auto .

Yay for such a quick answer!

FYI the staff cannot answer questions on non-proofgrade materials, and we’re not to discuss settings outside the Beyond the Manual category so I moved your post :slight_smile:


I tried with the different settings. Results were outstanding. Thanks


Yeah those designs work well thematically with rough slate. Nice choice.

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When I engrave on Slate I use 950 for speed and 55 power, and seems to be a good setting.

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