Need help with an inside cut

I’m working on a project where kerfs really matter and I want to be able to always have the glowforge cut the parts I am slotting together first before it cuts the outside. It has not always done that when I cut stuff before.

Here is what I have:

I am using inkscape and I want the glowforge to cut the middle inside red line first before it cuts the entire thing out, however when I load it into the app the outside and inside cut lines are showing up as a single step instead of multiple steps. I’ve tried grouping them in inkscape and making sure they are in no way connected as objects.
This is how they show up in the glowforge UI
Any help on how I can get this done?


Upload the svg and maybe we can figure it out…

But you want to break your paths and give the inner lines a different color.

Since you’re choosing red here, a nice black line will work fine. Use the node tool to break your paths if they’re closed, and then set the two inner lines to black stroke. It should come up as a separate action and since it’s black be put first in the order of operations.


That did the job!

Still new to designing for the glowforge so that helps with a lot of problems I plan to have in the future! :stuck_out_tongue:


As you get into cut orders and stuff, it really helps to have the glowforge color palette (courtesy the ever awesome @marmak3261 and @tim1724 ) installed in Inkscape. It’s a really quick way to be sure your cut order is being obeyed.


That is super useful! I’ll have to bookmark it