Need help with cat and/or otter design

I found this puzzle in another forum topic. I can’t find a file anywhere online. Does anyone have it? My mother-in-law would love this. But what would really make my kids happy is if someone could make this kind of puzzle but with sea otters? I am not good with this kind of design work. Definitely willing to pay for file so we can cut it at home. If you can do it, please send me a message with a price.



Welcome to the forum. I am wondering if this requests fits in with the forum rules about not requesting design files.

There certainly is no problem with asking if this file is available for purchase.

There certainly is no problem with asking someone to design something.

To ask on the forum for someone who would copy another person’s work that is available for sale, seems to push the boundaries here.

Maybe I am misreading things.

I know that @polarbrainfreeze posted a pic of this puzzle. I don’t know if it was his own picture or did he copy it from somewhere to repost?

Here are the forum guidelines:

You may not post pictures of creative works unless you have the right to do so, for example a print that you created that does not infringe someone else’s intellectual property. You may not post digital designs that belong to someone else without their permission. If you want to share something you find online, by all means link to it - but don’t download and post it, since it deprives readers of context and the owner loses control.

Others may have a different opinion about this.

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I’m new here and don’t want to cause problems. I should have linked to the other post. I couldn’t find a source for that file. I’m willing to pay for that file if someone has it legally for sale. Do you think there would be a problem for someone to make it in a different animal?

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I think that the idea itself is common enough. It’s kind of a take on Escher anyway. So doing a design like this with another animal using the idea of flowing shapes and tails as a puzzle might be ok.

I’d be interested in how the graphic artists on the forum would treat this request. They have the better understanding of prior art.

I have looked at scroll saw patterns and haven’t seen it for purchase.

It is a great design though for sure.

The hive mind here might help you get this taken care of.

Hmm here’s the other post:

Finding the original is tough. All I’m finding is a bunch of Pinterest links.

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I did not own the original picture. I think I found it on Pinterest. I just made a similar puzzle template and let my kids draw in the details.

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I’m new here and don’t want to cause problems.

You’re not causing problems. I’m old here and consider your request inside the guidelines. First, you did research and couldn’t find it, second you didn’t directly ask polarbrainfreeze for it (a thin technicality, but when combined with my other reasons appropriate), and finally you asked for it to be made as otters and offered to pay. It was always my understanding the don’t ask rule was implemented to keep this place from becoming like other forums where you are badgered for free stuff anytime you post something and I don’t get that from your request. I get more of a, trying to support an artist with a commission, vibe.

That said, this is an edge case and marmak3261 has far more experience, and probably formal training, in interpreting rules and edge cases than I do so I value his input.


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