Need help with converting a design to engrave

Hello All,

Hope everyone is have a great Easter weekend. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but Im needed some help. I’m a newbie and have a Glowforge Pro. I have been learning Inkscape but having a hard time finding a good enough image to engrave after tracing and separating the scans. Can someone please help me out. Thank you.

What are you planning to engrave on?


Thank you for your relpy.

I will be using poplar hardwood stained. I will mask off the wood before engraving. Will also take out the crumb tray so i can use the 3/4 thickness.

Are you planning to stain in color individually for each area, or the whole piece?

The reason I ask, there is very little contrast between the colors on the right side (target/background/outline). This doesn’t translate well to engraving on wood, but if you are going to effectively “paint” each area, you need more of an outline (like a cartoon) - which would work well and be pretty easy to create.

The left side, plus the text on the banners, will work fine either way, because they are pretty high contrast.


I don’t think i explained it the way i should have. Im pre-staining the wood. Then I will mask off the wood for engraving.

Got it.

Yeah, goes back to what I was saying about contrast. This is very rough approximation, but without some color/shading modification, the design won’t work well on wood.


You would get much better results by fiddling with the settings to give more of an outlined design, like this:


Ultimately, it’s a pretty simple design and wouldn’t take long to trace by hand so you could have sharp, dark score lines for the details, and use shading for the large areas.


Here’s a basic centerline trace you could use as a starting point… Although looking at the results, I think it would be quicker to trace by hand than trying to clean up this one.


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Is this something you can do for me? And how much do you charge?

lol… I’d be happy to play with it and see what I can do just for fun, but there are far more talented designers on this forum who might jump in once the sun comes up.

I personally just like to experiment as much as produce final pieces. My machine is a toy.

What kind of wood and what kind of stain were you thinking of, I’ll see what I have that would be close and see what I can come up with.

Just a quick question would it be better to do it in 3D

No. 3D engrave doesn’t give you contrast for images. It’s good for applique-style carvings.


You could likely convert a simple design like the macg28 logo to 3D, but it would take a bit of effort.

It would be fun, though… (for me! lol…)

Thank you for all your help. I do really appreciate it. Like I said I’m a beginner and learning everyday.

I will be using poplar wood stained with Minmax water based stain navy blue.

I’m helping my son make a burnt wood American flag with this image in the center of the union for one of his fellow Marine buddy as a gift.

Again thank you for all your help.

Ok that’s good to know. Only reason I mentioned it, I was watching a video on YouTube with the glowforge pro.

Yes, you can create some beautiful pieces with 3D engrave - it’s just that the artwork has to be designed/suited for that process. This logo doesn’t have the bold lines and heavy contrast between shaded areas to accomplish that. It’s a pity they didn’t show the source artwork in that video, as it suggests you can use any image to produce results like that.

Thank you for the knowledge. I’m learning everyday. Love my engraver, just having hell with designs lol

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