Need help with first print

I feel like I’m living in Groundhog Day. I continue to get the page that says “which of these applies to you?” I pick first option. I go through the steps, I agree, I continue, I hook up to the Glowforge connection in my Internet settings. And then there’s nowhere to go after that. I come back to this page and do it again, and repeat. I haven’t been able to log into the dashboard when I click on it it doesn’t go anywhere. I haven’t been able to find the gift of good measure. I’ve asked about it on the beginners forum on Facebook, and no one knows why I can’t get into the dashboard. Basically I’ve had my glow Forge for four days and haven’t been able to print so you may understand my frustration. Any advice on getting onto a page where I can do something as simple as uploading an image from my computer and printing it, it would be so appreciated, as well. Thank you!

It all stops where I see “Huzzah! Your computer is connected to Glowforge.” There is no direction after that.

Sounds like something they will need to fix on their end…probably a permission that needs to be set. Hang in there until they see your post. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, Jules!

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After the Huzzah! Theres a yellowish box to the left I believe click there and add your wifi/internet info, after that hopefully it’ll work. Good luck.

I can see that you’ve also reached out via email and that our support team has contacted you there. To avoid duplicate communication and expedite your process, I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.