Need help with mass setting engrave types

I do a lot of projects with small, fine line engraves. So far, I have to click each one and change its settings to HD Graphic from draft photo. Is there a way to a) default everything to HD graphics, B) Change them all at the same time, or D) make sure they’re one operation so that I can just change it once (like how all the cuts are grouped on one layer in the GFUI).

I’m using Adobe Illustrator and all of my engraves are vector paths that have been rasterized. I’ve tried grouping them in Illustrator before exporting the SVG, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Thanks for the help!

Grouping won’t help, since the UI ignores that, but you could rasterize them all at once into one big raster, instead of a lot of small ones.

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That’s a great idea! Thanks

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Thanks for the answer @geek2nurse, that’s a great solution. I’m going to close this thread - @tmullen, if you run into any other challenges, please feel welcome to post a new topic. The Glowforge community is always here to help!