Need Help with my file

I am trying to make a wooden Scalpel Handel for my Scalpel that I use in Leather Working.
I have made the dimensions but, I can’t figure out how to get the Glowforge to Engrave the entire thing. I want to make a hollow place to place the Scalpel then Epoxy the wood and Scalpel together and after it dries sand it down to the shape I want.

I am using Inkscape Latest Version
Suggestions Appreciated.

Scapel (1.1 KB)

I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re attempting shape wise, but I’ve done a few more steps in your design that will hopefully get you going in the right direction.

The first thing I did was turn the circle into a path
Then I merged your 4 shapes into one
I then made a duplicate of the whole shape and shrunk it
I then placed it on top of your original, and gave it a fill and removed the stroke
Lastly I made all your cut lines red, and your engrave black so that the GFUI will default to doing the engrave first, and then the cut

When you upload that to your GFUI, the filled shape will default to an engrave, while the stroked shapes will default to a cut.

Hopefully that helps!
Scapel Handle_V2


So this file isn’t clear in terms of what it’s trying to do, but I can take a guess.

I think you are trying to make a handle with a rounded end. So far you have an oval and a basic shape for your handle:

Good news, you’re not that far off… bad news, you’re off by a little bit in a few places. It can all be fixed.

First up, let’s look at your blunt end. The horizontal “bottom” doesn’t line up with your sides. You can see it if you zoom way in, look at the little tabs. The horizontal is too wide by a bit:

You can use the node tool to snap those back into place, no problem, and then you get this:

Great. OK so now you have three lines, but you want them to be a cohesive shape. First up, join the nodes at the bottom. Looks the same, but now they are joined (google inkscape node editing for more details):

Now you need to close the shape of the handle. Go to the top and join the end nodes with a line segment… but when I get there I notice that your handle isn’t aligned to the oval properly either. (too far to the right and a little low):


and low:

But we can snap that into place and things are aligned.

Now, let’s join those two nodes on the handle with a sgment using the join selected end nodes with a segment button… and you get this janky looking thing:

Now you have 2 shapes, and you can do Path->union on them like so:

And now you have your handle shape all squared away.

Next up, you want to add some sort of solid shape to engrave a pocket for your blade. For that we need to know the “approximate” shape of the scalpel blade end, lets assume it’s a rectangle…

And now you have a handle with a filled rectangle aligned to the bottom middle of things. It’s ready to go. Engrave the rectangle, cut the shape, and you’re all set.


Thank You Very Much!

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Thank You. Those tips will come in handy in the future. I have tried to do similar things before. The Scalpel blade will be on the Exterior. I should have included a picture in the beginning. I am making the handle for this.


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Worked Great. Thank you again.

You are a good teacher man. What you have given of yourself to the community sticks out.


You’re amazing man!

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