Need help with turning Wonder Woman template to laser cutting file

Newbie here with everything Glowforge…does anyone know how to turn these files to allow cutting on the Glowforge? I need to scale it fit my daughter, thank you!! back%20not%20edited|535x500


There’s not much info in your request to determine exactly what you want and what software you have access to. I’ll take a stab at it anyway and assume that you want to cut those shapes out of some kind of fabric (make sure it is compatible with laser cutting! No PVC!) then you will assemble them to match the completed logo. Right? Maybe your best option would be to take it into a bitmap program like Photoshop (expensive) or Gimp (free) and erase everything except the actual shapes you want to cut. Then upload it to which will convert the .JPG to a vectorized SVG file. That will generate the vectors that you need to do the cuts. If you don’t erase all the extra info, you won’t get as good a result from the vectorizing.

Good luck!


Adding to what @cynd11 said… No vinyl. No rubberized or flexible fabrics. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! I was hoping for something easier. I did use Photoshop to manually erase the text, then was going to scan it into the Glowforge app to cut out. Photoshop took so long (learning how to use it).

I plan to laser through 2mm foam with sticker backing, should be ok I hope?

Craft foam (the EVA kind) is okay to use. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! :grinning: