Need help With Warranty Information

I do have a support ticket open for this, just have a few questions to see it I’m reading into this or what. Quick History: My original GF PRO went down on me Sept.2019. Understand warranty was gone after 2 years, Paid for a Newly Remanufactured. Because of a bunch of snafu on GF’s part, I was upgraded to a Brand New From the Factory GF PRO. Actual sentence from correspondence with GF: " I’ve received permission to upgrade your replacement to a brand new Pro straight from the factory, and I’ve changed your shipping speed to our fastest available". 5 months have passed and this Brand New From The Factory unit, will not cut anymore (laser system). When I go into my GF Dashboard and open settings, I see both units. Am I reading more into this by thinking that this New unit has anything less that the full year warranty?? I would think that the statement upgraded to a Brand new Unit From the factory, included a warranty on it also. Support told me it was going to be $800.00 for a Remanufactured since the warranty expired in Sept. 2019. I sent a another email with and told them I was not talking about that unit, I’m talking about the Brand New from the Factory Unit that was shipped to me on Sept. 30th 2020. I also sent pictures of the shipping label, and serial number tags on the GF Box. Have not heard a word back from GF in 2 days now. If anyone could answer this for me, so that I can make a decision and get our little Mom & Pop back up and running that supplements our SSI.
Thanks everyone

Generally no, you don’t get a new warranty with a warranty replacement.

No one besides Glowforge is going to be able to give you an answer on this, but I would suspect that your original warranty remained, whether or not you received a new or remanufactured. I think the best case scenario is an original warranty expiring just after a replacement, and the replacement having a 90-day warranty.


Thank you for responding. I guess what I cant get my head around is I did pay for this one at a discounted price. To me, it is just like buying another unit. I’ve attached the invoice that shows the special discount. Invoice

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