Need help with Wood Earrings Inlay

I am trying to make a file in Inkscape for wood earring inlays. Can someone help me? The purple part I want engraved deep enough for the inlay part. and I have found if I do two passes it is deep enough. But I am missing a step somewhere

So you want the purple triangle in the middle engraved for the inlay - not the area around it?

right the white part I want left and the purple parts engraved to place the inlay such as leather or shell veneer

Open your file in Inkscape and assign different colors to different elements of your designs. Vector fills will be engraved and unfilled areas will not be engraved. White is a fill, so if you want something not engraved, make sure it has no fill rather than a white fill. When in the Glowforge interface, assign engrave settings to the area you want engraved and ignore any other areas. If you only want the middle diamond engraved, make it a unique color in Inkscape so you can treat it individually in the interface.


I found this helpful.

A beautiful design, you might want to rethink the top cutout though, as tear-out looks to be a very strong possibility.

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And maybe make the hole a longer and narrower elliptical, I think it may blend in well.

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