Need input on ideal size for caddy


Every since I made this caddy A box only a maker could love--- ugly caddy for CA glues ideas have been swirling around in my head on how to improve it and make it universal.

I’ve worked out a lot of the how on this but I wonder what the right size is to cover the most dedicated caddies?

The original is 7x9 with 4" high walls, and a total height of 7". This to me seems to be right about the sweet spot but I realize I might be projecting my own wants and needs. If I am to one day share it I want it to be right for as many people and purposes as possible.



That’s a pretty good size…you can put a can of spray in a pocket, or a couple small bottles of CA in each slot. :slightly_smiling_face:


I made one that is 8x14 to utilize as much of the material in the bed at one time. It takes three prints. I’ll post it in free laser designs when I get time and get a few more pics of it. It’s in cardboard at the moment as I am still tweaking the design to see what I’d like to use. I’ll definitely slim down the profile of the handle. It’s wide now to assist in strength for using cardboard. It’s got paint bottles, brushes and markers in it. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to decorate like @cynd11 and @Xabbess, but at least I’ll know where to find my supplies.

Will do a tool, glue and tape caddy next, same outline but different pockets. I’d like to have some type of hooks on the outer sides for rolls of tape.


Okay, that is one vote for go big or go home.


I think if I eliminated the central line of brushes rearranged, I could lower the handle and it would be a bit more compact. The loopy handles are just too big and tall.


I thought it was always go big or go home.


If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing!




That is the saying but I am thinking LEAN and having one caddy for one thing. Need CA glue? Grab the caddy for that, need a battery powered drill and a drill index? Grab the caddy for that…

Maybe have a super caddy to carry four caddies and a couple of random tools?


Definitely more that one caddy. NYCNC has been visiting a LEAN machining shop and going through the processes and it is just so out of my normal way of doing things, except in the kitchen. That is where the tools replicated in different spots so I’m not always running for the one knife for several jobs.


Hey thanks! That looks like a very useful thing.


This is great! I can’t wait to organize all of my tools in my downtime :stuck_out_tongue:


“Everything to excess! Moderation is for monks!” (Heinlein)



What we need here is a parametric caddy generator.


I think I would go with smaller boxes but extend the corners up to the top (same height as the handle). That way you could have several and stack them up. Of course you would have to design the bottom to lock into the top but not too tough.


I like the size of your glue caddy. Also like the new one in the works. I had done several trays out of heavy paper to store my embossing powders, misters, glue sticks, etc. a couple of years ago. I’m anxious to turn them into wood! Waiting on our Glowforge with excitement!


they’re all good examples for people to look at. before my GF shows up, i’ll need to plan out a couple of caddies for my wife’s stained glass tools/liquids/etc.


I discovered that having a definite project in mind for learning software makes an enormous difference. If you don’t know Fusion 360 or OnShape, this would be a great project to start building. I just finished a three day process of tweaking a replacement part for an appliance and it is just magic how it works. The first print was small as I didn’t quite get tolerances down. The second was functional. The third worked perfectly and had some upgrades to the original part. The fourth iteration has some design perks and is printed with more infill for the final job. The first iteration took quite a while as I had to learn threads and understand how lofts work. The other ones took about five minutes of design time as I just tweaked numbers. I can design fast in Inkscape but it’s a lot more difficult to redo sizes not being very parametric.

I’ve been wanting to get the tabs featurescript working in OnShape and this is a good project to learn that on and put it to use. Now I have tonight’s project.


…and that’s the rabbit-hole of making. Now you can keep iterating even though the second try was okay, the 3rd was better and the 4th even better…and the fifth? :slight_smile: It’s hard to stop fixing things once you start.


I’m a big believer in constant improvement but also in good enough for now. I try to be selling by v3