Need instruction on etching and cutting multiple items , ie earings, ornaments

I feel really lame, how to place several of same image on one board. So it will etch and cut out several on one board. Do I need to do this in a program or can I do it right here on the glowforge as i upload my art.

You can copy and paste on the Glowforge Screen (where you see the bed). In Windows you select the object you want to copy then hit Ctrl-C followed by Ctrl-V for as many copies as you like. I don’t know the Apple equivalent but there is one.

You can use copy paste in the GFUI directly, or you can create a 12" x 20" workspace in your design app of choice and fit as many pieces as you can into that first, then upload to the GFUI. I prefer the latter, but either way will work.

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pretty close to the same…“command” C and V


Cutting and pasting in the UI is a last resort, @xabbess is totally right about making your copies in original art.

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Well, I wouldn’t say that; it’s pretty helpful to know when you’re using scrap pieces :wink:


I get weird errors with copying & pasting more than two images–starts to move one image when I paste, not the last image I copied… So the more you can do in the file, the better!

I’ve at times done a lot of this too–much easier to build the etching in with the cutting line file (Inkscape import works wonders!).

I often get odd errors when I start copying & pasting too much in my GFUI… and if you only do a partial screenful, be sure not to either not move the board before you place more–keeping a couple images in place to ensure alignment (unless you get snapmarks set up!). Or ensure you leave enough wiggle room for alignment offset…

thank you so much, finally learned how to do it, thanks again.

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Thank you, finally got it to work.

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