Need part

what part is this

That’s part of the head and they don’t have those in the shop. Pretty sure you can’t get just the magnetic sleeve and you’ll have to get an entirely new head - but talk to them about it :slight_smile:

What inspired you to disassemble it in the first place?


Proably because he’s like me. :sunglasses: I fix most things that break on me if I am able, and more often than not, I can. I’m wondering what the hell had the power to rip that componant apart.

It does. The only source of that much energy is the beam.


Looks like something partially melted on that white thing


Mis-aligned mirror, perhaps.


Whoa. That’s the part that holds your lens in place. Did you accidently place the mirror in backwards?


Not possible to install backwards, but it is possible to replace it at a slight angle if the mirror itself isn’t properly seated.

Some of the pics on the support page for cleaning that show what not to do are pretty funny, imho…

The mirror handle should look like this:

It should NOT look like any of the below:
image image image

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Yeah that’s what I meant

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Didn’t move anything…it was stuck on focusing n was making a noise so I took it apart…

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I think that’s most likely, but there are fans and circuitry that could short out and also cause that much heat. This is a weird one, I’d definitely talk to

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