Need Pencil engraves source

Does anyone have a source that has elongated pics i.e. faces, trucks, etc. that can be 3d engraved on a pencil. Someone, in the past, posted a pic of a santa face i believe that turned out good so looking for more pics like that.

Hmm you can stretch any image to work, you got an example image that shows what you mean?

Here’s the one someone had posted sometime last year…these are the types I’d like-they engrave well and look cool!
santa pencil

It’s there but how do i make it more visible…sigh

You’re looking for “depth map” images

There are a lot of images and tutorials on Google if you search “depth map” also.

You need to increase this number to increase the size of the image you are uploading:

I increased it to 1290x1057 but still doesn’t show :roll_eyes:

Thanks, I was having trouble with the long skinny pics. I’ll try searching again.

Hmm, it’s like it’s there but invisible.


The forum strips out bitmaps from the SVG files. Annoying, but that is what happens.

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Thats right, i forgot that.

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