Need replacement belts

I purchased my glowforge in July. I use this machine for business. I’ve noticed some wear on my x and y axis belts. I would like to have replacement belts on hand as I can’t afford to not have this machine running for an extended period of time. I’ve checked the website. Messaged the FB page in which a bot replied with no real info. I’ve emailed support and I still don’t even know how I buy belts for my machine. Am I missing something? This really shouldn’t be that hard to order basic spare parts.

You’ve opened a duplicate support ticket by posting in this section. It’s best to email OR post, not both, as the duplicates slow down their response time. :slight_smile:

call mike 6028853482

You don’t want to post a phone number in a public forum. It will get scraped, and spammed sadly.

Sorry about that just trying to help. I do not know to reach him any other way

I wouldn’t have answered provided by @j_trexler because I wouldn’t have recognized the number if you had called, but I can supply you with the belts you need for your machine. Just message me here and we can make the arrangements.

The belts I sell are exact replacements for the Gates belts supplied with the Glowforge. Each belt is $20.00 plus shipping, individually, a complete set of three belts for a Glowforge is $45.00 plus shipping, shipping for either is Priority Mail at $7.75. I also sell a set of UHMW rash guards which help resist wear and tear on the white ribbon cable and the circuit board of the carriage plate, if you’re interested.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.