Need replacement head?

Please help!

I think you need to lay out your problem a little more. What happened, how, what are you experiencing. Help us help you.

Looks like everything might still be making contact. Is it actually failing to work? Honestly, you might be able to press the connector back into place without issue. Certainly Glowforge wouldn’t recommend it, and I won’t be held responsible if you destroy your laser. But if it was me, I’d try it. :slight_smile:

I’m terribly sorry that you haven’t received our follow-up email from your previous post. Please check your spam filter to see if it ended up being filtered by your email service.

I just resent the information about the next steps to get this resolved for you. I’ll leave this post open until we connect, please let me know here if you don’t see the new email.

Hi @Dangeruss_Designs! I’m just checking in to see if you’ve received my email with the next steps to get this fixed for you. Please let me know if you don’t see it in your inbox.

I don’t see the email in my inbox and if its being sent to the tashabfit email could you also send it here? That is my ex wife’s email address and I would rather not bother her lol

@Dangeruss_Designs I sent the email to the address registered to this forum account. Since that’s not a good email for you, I’m going to send you a PM on the forum to confirm which email address would be better.

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