Need Replacement

I got my Glowforge Friday and was finally able to start the setup yesterday. Unfortunately, after struggling with WiFi forever I was finally able to connect and then it started making a ticking noise. Finally got a hold of someone last night and they recommended a replacement I’ve replied to all messages and still have yet to receive a shipping label to return and replace. Anyone else had these issues? It’s been 24 hours since they recommended replacement and I have not heard back from them. I am very frustrated that I have spent all this money and have yet to be able to enjoy it!

Posting here opens another support ticket.

Support doesn’t generate shipping labels or ship machines, so it can take a little while for all that to get arranged.


The ticking noise is normal. It makes that noise every time the machine starts, after it centers, and after every print. It’s the “focusing” status, where a little motor in the print head moves the lens inside it up and down to the limits of its range.

It stays in focusing mode tho. I sent a video to support of the noise along with pictures they asked to see and they determined it needed replaced.

Just asking if anyone else had this issue. I’m new to this and the machine.

As stated, the ticking noise is normal during focusing.

Taking a few days to receive the shipping label is also normal.

Ok and never getting out of focus mode? Is that normal?

Hi @tiffdye3,

Thank you so much for bearing with us while we sort out the details to get your replacement unit shipped out to you. We’re working on that now, and I just followed up with you over email. Since we’re communicating there, I am going to close this thread.