Need some help - Snap and store box

We made the snap and store box successfully, but wanted to scale it to a larger size. Some of the bits of the bigger box are not fitting tightly, for the purpose I want to use the box for. Can someone please help me with the correct measurements to scale it. It should be able to hold a pound of content, Weight lighter than a pound of sugar.

Any help appreciated!

Don’t think you’re going to be able to scale that design up effectively, since it relies on latches to assemble it. (Like you saw, the slots are going to get too large to work when it’s scaled.)

That kind of design would need to be adjusted in an outside drawing program, and we’re not allowed to export the Glowforge designs for modification.

So you might want to find another design that will scale better, or just use one of the box generators to make a box exactly the size that you want. The kind with finger tabs can be scaled without affecting the structure.


You’d have to scale it based on material thickness so the slots work. Example: 1/8" material to 1/4" material would be 200%, 3/16" would be 150%. I’ve not made this one yet, does it call for regular PG? That would be 1/8".

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