Need to create a compound path with glowforge premium artwork

I am trying to take a state (SC) image from the glowforge premium software and add a heart within that image. I want to engrave this on a wooden coaster. My problem is when I engrave it, it engraves the heart within the state. I want the heart to not be engraved, but still be within the engraved state on the coaster. How do I do that within the glowforge software since that is where I am getting the artwork? I know within another software I could create a compound path but is that an option within the glowforge software?

You can export the design and open it in your other artwork and then reload.


Unfortunately, not. The GF software isn’t that advanced.

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Thanks @ekla and @dklgood. @windee119 , they are correct and I’ll share your idea with the team for the future!

You could score SC and the heart, but I don’t have guidance for how to engrave the state and not the heart using Glowforge Premium. Or, if you’d like to upload a design, this tutorial shows you how to design for your Glowforge using a free program called Inkscape:

I’m going to close this thread, but do post again if you have another question!