Need to know how to transfer ownership

I am not sure what to do I posted in here they said they would contact me and close the topic thread but no one contacted me I sold mt GF pro and added the 2 ladies as users on my acct I just need to know what to do so they can have ownership someone please help thank you Rebecca Wilson

You need to email Glowforge support. Support doesn’t monitor this category of the forum.

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I moved this to problems and support because the GF team are really the only ones that can help out with this. Be sure to check your junk box/spam mailbox.

@RyanD: FYI moving a thread here from another section doesn’t generate a support ticket, so they still won’t see it.

@folkartfromtheharbor, you’ll need to either email Support or open a new thread here in Problems and Support (just one or the other, not both!) to let them know you didn’t get their email.

Tip: When you email them, you should get an immediate auto-reply – if you don’t, something is wrong and their messages may be going into your spam folder.


They would have sent an email within moments of doing this - check your spam folder and add to your whitelist, and then yes, send them an email at letting them know you didn’t receive their earlier response.

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Hello @folkartfromtheharbor, I am sorry that you did not receive our last email. I just resent the email to you. Could you please check your email, including your spam folder? I will keep this post open for now and if you do not see the email please write back here so we know.

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@geek2nurse thank you for letting me know! Still learning from the best!

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Well, @Danielle.W found it anyway, so it looks like you did fine after all. :wink:

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I see that you have replied to our email about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.