Need to return - no one is responding to my emails

Hi, I’ve been trying to return a printer for about a week now. It is unopened. Michael B. responded to me a week ago, and has not responded to my request to start the return process. I also need an invoice. Of course, I know I will pay the shipping fee, so I really just need someone to start the return process for me and send me a detailed invoice.

Jen, the staff does not monitor this category. You need to create a new post in Problems and Support if you want them to see your message (just changing the category won’t do it).


Thank you!

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It’s very likely that either your emails to them, or their emails to you, are ending up in spam. So check your spam folder (and add to your white list), but chat or P&S can be a good way to notify them that you’re not getting their emails

I checked my spam folder and there is nothing from glowforge there. I DID receive a response a week ago from Michael B., from Glowforge telling me that they COULD send over an invoice and start a return process, but then never heard back since I confirmed for them to do so. (No further instructions)

Not sure how I could miss their emails after receiving an initial response to my request. I have since posted on the P&S forum after cynd11 told me to.

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I saw your new post, hopefully that solves it :slight_smile:

~not necessarily the issue here, but companies are constantly updating their spam lists, so if your ISP decided on Tuesday that glowforge is spam that could cause a change. Also true of GF’s ISP, they could have decided that (where ever your email is from) is spam. Honestly, I had a company filter decide was spam after a spammer used a gmail address…it’s not always the smartest algorithm! Which is why it’s worth looking, but sadly not an easy fix in this case since there wasn’t anything there~

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