Needing some help

Can someone please help me? Im using MDF and I use the pins to hold the wood down and it doesn’t cut all the way through… What settings do I put mdf on if I do 2 cut throughs?

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MDF can be quite variable. I generally use the draftboard settings for the same thickness of mdf that I cut. What thickness mdf are you using and what settings are not quite working?


I just say its medium draftboard which is what the seller that i bought the wood from said would work

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That is generally what I do. If it is almost cutting all the way through, try slowing the speed by 10 and see if that works. Also, it is important that all of your optics and fans are clean.


Awesome thank you so much for your advice and mostly for your time

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Cleaning the lenses has made a difference for me as @dklgood mentioned.

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Number six is what you need:


Thank you

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