Needing someone to finish a 3d puzzle for me

I am not an Inkscape expert, and only use it for rudimentary stuff, but I have a local cathedral that I did a rough mockup of that I’d like to make into a 3D puzzle. I’ve gotten busier with other projects and would really just like to pay someone to finish it. Here’s the rough file (I know, it’s rough). I was really just trying to get the basic front look.

Are you offering to pay for someone to actually do it or just looking for someone to give you advice on something specific?

If the former, you might want to try a service like fiverr, it’s for exactly this sort of small-job digital labor. I bet you could find someone there in no time.


Perfect, thanks. I always try to go here first.

So I did hire someone on Fiverr for $75. I’ll let everyone know how it goes, and post pics of the final version.


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