Neoprene Data Sheet

Looking in the Technical Documents for this product, is there enough information to determine if it is safe to laser? I’ve tried the copper wire technique, but couldn’t get it to work well enough to make a solid decision.

People have definitely talked neoprene before, not sure if it’ll help.

Thank you, I did run that search, which lead me to try to find the MSDS for the material I want to use. I couldn’t find one, but I’m hoping there is enough other info here to answer the question.

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Good luck!

Based on my spotty memory, I think at least some of it has chlorine gas potential – definitely keep looking into it.

From what I read on the link, they’ve claimed exemption from SDS requirements.

I found this as well:

As a rule of thumb PVC is not laser safe but rubber is. Neoprene I believe is a mixture of PVC and rubber. in addition unfortunately what I found in my research is that a lot of material being labeled as rubber is actually PVC based. Mostly because rubber is a far more expensive material.