Neoskin notebooks laser safe?


I haven’t been able to find much information on Neoskin notebooks (lots of vendors out there) - Looks like some data shows that they are neoprene, but I can’t seem to confirm that. If it is neoprene, then it wouldn’t be laser safe - Anyone have any more data on it?


Hazardous Decomposition Products:
At Elevated Temperatures: Alcohols, Aldehydes, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon
Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen Chloride

Source: MSDS.

I have 0 laser experience and near-0 expertise in the matter. But I believe the release of Hydrogen Chloride means one should not laser it.

PLEASE, somebody with actual knowledge reply.

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And aldehydes are carcinogens as well…


are you sure that’s the msds for neoskin? if it is, then it does appear to just be neoprene and thus you shouldn’t cut it in your laser (like with everything, there’s a sliding scale - cutting it once is probably not going to damage anything, either laser or, with proper ventilation, your lungs, but it’s a really poor habit to get into) - but the company on the MSDS is i think unrelated to the product under discussion?

sure, though that’s weirdly generic. aldehydes are in all sorts of things.


Hydrogen chloride + water vapor = hydrochloric acid.


NOPE! :slight_smile: So the OP thought it’s neoprene and went with that. So very good point!

EDIT: Found this - The NeoSkin Cover Journal Portfolio is made from soft, suede like material

Source: website


yeah i looked around and couldn’t find any reputable source for the stuff, just a bunch of product pages. it’s pretty difficult to say what it is, especially since with no published details it would be easy for them to change formulations between product runs in order to keep costs down. so something that is laser safe now could change.


You could test it. Although, as @jrnelson mentions, they may change their formulation from time to time. So, you’d probably be stuck testing each one.


If I can find one around here I can hit it with our X-ray spectrometer and tell you exactly what’s in it.


I hope your x-ray spectrometer is better than mine is.


Have I mentioned recently how great this group is?!?!?


It’s a little better than that one.
just got a brand new re-certification on that bugger.
Niton XL3t, pretty awesome tool to have around.


I can haz tricorder?:cat2:


You know, even if you don’t lase it, it doesn’t mean you can’t use the laser for making other things that affect it. I’d start thinking about cutting some patterns into Delrin, and then pressing the Delrin into it with a heavy press.

Maybe talk to the Hydraulic Press Channel for suggestions. :slight_smile:


and/or has some nice stuff to pretty-up a laptop: I think you can even upload your own images/designs.


Some synthetic leathers are laser safe, many are not. And as someone else pointed out they can easily mix and match from lot to lot.

What we need are millions of consumers with lasers so manufacturers start to consider this in their design process and make it a critical item for incoming inspection.


I like that suggestion! I’ll have to try that out once I get my GF.


You may be able to apply heat-transfer vinyl to this material too.