Nerdy feminist filking

I found this while cleaning out old files. I wrote it back in 2011. This is a pretty nerdy group, so I hope some of you might find it amusing:

I am woman hear me .rar
zip files too big to ignore
and I compress too much to
go back and append

cuz I’ve stored it all before
in files down there on the floor
no one’s ever gonna zip them up again

Yes, I am wise
but it’s compression born of pain
yes I’ve lost file size
but look how much I’ve gained

If I have to
I’ll compress anything
encryption’s strong
compressing anything
I am .rar-ing!
I am .rar-ing!


:nerd::heart: :squeeee:


Oh yeah! :smile::squeeee:


I mean I run our software development team, and my house looks like digi-key exploded, but that is one nerdy poem! Love it!


oh, no, now you’re just encouraging me… the audience of people who’d enjoy this is pretty small, but here are a few haiku for programmers:

in vb there is
no null ~ there’s just nothing and
also not nothing

much sighing happens
while waiting for localhost
doldrums of the void

two ints and a String
walk into a code review
scrutinized to bits

the open parens,
number nine’s alter ego,
begs for zero’s close

I sit and think and
type until the pain is extreme -
this is binge coding.

that logic still haunts
all developers who dared
to comprehend it

that code snip should be
"NOT IN" not “in” otherwise
the logic is wrong


and for those in the medical profession:

from my point of view
an effective placebo
is the cure I sought

the paradox of
placebos: strong delusions
become what is real



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One of my bandmates is in another group called Misbehavin Maidens and they would probably be RIGHT up your alley. Definitely Nerdy, definitely feminist, definitely lots of filking. They are a great hit at Conventions.

They JUST completed their latest kickstarter to help them record their latest CD (Nerdier and Dirtier) and they more than doubled their goal (

BTW, language should be considered NSFW if you look them up on youtube.


Very cool. I’m not on FB, but I forwarded their kickstarter link to friends who will spread the word there :slight_smile:

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I know that they appreciate that very much!

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