I was browsing the community when I came across the various posts about engraving glass with pretty cool results…

On an initially unrelated subject, I bought a new gaming PC… and it has this glass side panel made of tempered glass…

So I started pondering, and toying around in Inkscape making a combination graphic of a logo and a character from one of the main games I play. Took a photo of the PC and superimposed the graphic on it… and it looks pretty neat.

So… now working up the nerve to drop the panel in the glowforge and hit the magic button…


For reliable results, I suggest you keep the optics in the Glowforge cleaner than the lens on your phone camera. :slight_smile:



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If anything goes wrong, you can get replacement acrylic and give it another whirl.

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Also, I’d recommend mirror imaging the art and engraving the inside, it’ll be easier to clean. Y’know, like a camera lens :wink:


it’s tempered glass, and although acrylic would work, it would be a dust magnet. The vendor of the case does sell replacement windows :stuck_out_tongue: … I’m running some test pieces, right now.

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hmm that’s a very good point! thanks!

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Great idea! Be sure to use soap on the glass to keep the engraving clear and strong!

Please do post a photo of your results. I just built my son a gaming PC for bringing home straight A’s, and he’s pondering what to etch on the panels right now.


it’s running… :cold_face:


congrats on the straight As! I’ll be sure to post results… I’m capturing a timelaps of the whole engraving as well

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Are you going to add color to the engrave?

What’s the white stuff?

I don’t think I’ll be adding color. I painted the glass with chalk paint. I did a test piece on plain glass and it just doesn’t come out right. From reading around… adding either painters tape, paint or anything that provides a surface for the laser to hit makes glass engraving much better… I find chalk paint easy to work with as it comes off super easy (just rinse with water.,.) and I have it lying around the house (I use magnetic chalkboard instead of white boards…)



… and I cleaned phone camera lens… :rofl:


I’m glad you took the plunge. It came out great!

Whoo! That looks fabulous :smiley: