Nervously... excited!


So I just received my proof grade products that I ordered with our credits before the other proofgrade box that comes with the glowforge box. While excited to see things come in the mail, the UPS company has me worried about what my glowforge will look like if just a box with boards in it comes in looking like it did. Pics below. The one side was partially ripped open big enough gap that the small acrylic could have fallen out… That scared me that product would be missing… Luckily all of the proof grade made it here how ever 3 or 4 of my draft board peices were dented on the corners and side which would suck if I really needed to use the full piece (which i will on some planned projects) but the others are fine so not going to worry about shipping them back, if thats even an option in this case. I’m just glad it was the cheapest items in the box only $12 or $16 hit if it would have been necessary to use the full sheet also luckily its not horrible could be worse. But like the title says this UPS delivery has me nervous about how the box and glowforge will look like when it gets here… but I am so excited to use the glowforge now that I have materials, makes the wait even longer lol. Also posting a photo of all the proof grade goodness I received if you want to check it out.

Yet another mashed proofgrade shipment

Ouch, that took some hits.


If I were you I would either email or post this to Problems and Support (it needs to be a new posting, not a transferred one). I’m pretty sure they will make good on shipping damage.


proofgrade boxes are substandard and poorly designed for their purpose. the flaps should overlap and go edge-to-edge, like any normal box. the fact that they close together and there’s a simple seam held together by a single piece of packing tape is just horrible design. i’ve had issues like this with shipping, too.


The Glowforge is packaged pretty well, so it’s far less likely to get damaged than the materials.

That said, UPS has a knack for ignoring “fragile” and “this side up” stickers. (Seriously, I opened the door to see the UPS driver literally leaning against our Glowforge tipped on its side.)


Yeah, I took notice of the poor condition of the last shipment I got. Due I think to the vendor redesigning their boxes, probably a minor cost savings - at the customer’s, or glowforges potential expense.
@shop, exactly. The overlapping flaps contribute significant structure to the carton.
All previous shipments I had received (11), were like the box on the right. The one on the left is the most recent and suffered considerably.
My personal feeling is for glowforge’s premium material, the carton is worth a few extra pennies, @dan & @Rita, you might mention that to the vendor.


i agree. and i’ve posted this exact issue in problems & support when i got the last banged up package. it really does irk me. penny wise and pound foolish. and sloppy.

i have a box coming tomorrow, hopefully it’s not too badly beat up.


Send that photo to support. @dan and @rita aren’t likely to see it buried in this thread.


I will send them an email and see what they say, @evansd2 came up with a good point it might not lay flat and cause an issue as well, so might just see what support says thanks.


Rita checked on this and there is indeed a vendor problem. Don’t hesitate to post findings like this in Problems & Support or email us about them - first, because we’ll find out sooner, and second, because we can take care of you if your material is damaged!