Nespresso Coffee Pods Stand

A nespresso machine? Or a pod holder. Nespresso has switched to a big expensive pod, but you can still find this older pod design which has other brands of coffe you can get for it. I like this pod design better. My parents bought the new one by accident last prime day.

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I believe the new bigger (round) pods are Nespresso’s attempt to monopolize the pod business. The bar codes on the pods are read by the machine and if absent, the machine will not run. Bar codes are more easily protected in the IP world than the pod design. Thus, many people make the old aluminum capsules (I am partal to Pete’s) and I have yet to see a knock off of the round (domed really) ones.


I’ve had to resort to my Nespresso machine while I wait for a new highlimit sensor for my Expobar. Ran out of regular pods yesterday so I had to add one more decaf. Target sells Archer Farms old style pods and has a good selection. Hate to deal with the expense and never did get one of the refillable pods as illustrated. Don’t use it often enough except for emergency caffeine fixes.

This is a good stand. One of the get-around-to-it projects that I have.