Nesting Glowforge Catalog Designs?

So I purchased a design from the Glowforge Catalog library and found myself quite dissapointed with how much WASTE there is of material. The pieces are quite spread out. Is there a way to “nest” catalog designs? I know that I can line up the pieces side by side but if I put them right against eachother those lines will be cut twice, as opposed to nested designs where a shared line is cut only once. I haven’t had any luck with trying to export the design to use in Deepnest or Inkscape. Wondering if there is a way to do it that I haven’t figured out? Thanks!

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There’s not a way to export catalog designs.
It’s up to each individual catalog designer to set up the layout of cut pieces.


You should be able to move parts around if you are careful. You can even copy and paste so you can cut several coasters at once for example. If you mess up you can reload to go back to the original.


If you receive a request to review the design (not sure what triggers the request, but it possibly will come to your email a day or two after you make the item from the catalog), let the staff know. I commented on one design that was engraved on a piece that was never seen and the design was taken down and updated shortly after. There is also a way to “report a design” that may help too. As @ekla and @rbtdanforth said, you can only move pieces of a catalog design around.


Thanks I might try that!

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Most of my lamp designs can be done on an Aura but they may have to move things around in order to get everything on two square sheets instead of the standard larger glowforge sheet, otherwise it is pretty much only the coasters that can be done.

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