Network Error


Getting a ton of

this afternoon.

Not looking for a reply. Just putting it out there.

Tag: @discourse (I think that’s the right one…)


Taking a look!


Haven’t seen a single one and been on constant the past few hours.


Are you still experiencing this?


I get them all the time, always comes back to Comcast.


I’ll let you know.

How did you come to that? I don’t think Discourse is served from Comcast and the error is from the site directly.


Well that didn’t take long… :slight_smile:


Who is your ISP and what is the Download/Upload speeds?

Try for an unbiased test.


Hrmm. You were having issues with the UI and now this. You may want to re-evaluate your wireless network and/or your WAN connection.


Okay… So the thing is I’ve been a network engineer for decades. Any wireless/network/WAN issue would result in failure. This was a success. The errors above are from the website, not from the browser. The site produced it, sent it, and I received it successfully. The failure was that the site didn’t send me what I requested.

Also, I’ve never had a problem with the UI. My new Glowforge had a problem connecting to the application. Really odd that that issue appears to have been magically resolved. Not sure if support performed some of that magic or not, but all of a sudden last night and this morning it works perfectly. Regardless, that was at home and I’m at work.


$0.02: these are the same symptoms I get with flaky wifi (as recently as an hour ago in fact). Regardless, I’m glad it resolved.