Never-ending calibrating! HALP!

I love this machine and have used it nearly everyday since delivery! :slight_smile:

BUUUUUUT…today, when powered on, it clearly has an issue. The head moves horizontally across the top, as usual when calibrating, but the black “band” on the far right side is “snapping” as it moves. And the interface on my computer doesn’t ever pass the “head is calibrating, may take a few moments” screen. WELP!

I have pulled out the crumb tray to see if anything is stuck. I AM able to move the head horizontal and the black “band” vertical without much force (just the same as during the initial set up). So I am unsure what is causing this to happen when the machine is on.

Any assistance or tips on what to look for? HALP!

Can you move the gantry all the way to the front without it catching on something at the RHS? For example sometimes a read cable can catch on the heatsink front right.


@palmercr I can! It seems as though the belt is “jumping” or twitching on the right side, perhaps underneath as that is where I see the most vibrations and “jumps” when the head moves. Nothing seems to be obstructing it, it’s able to move, but it “jumps”…

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble, and thanks for letting us know about this. We’re looking into it now and I’ll update this thread just as soon as I have more details.

Perhaps the belt is too slack. It has been known for the idler pulley to work loose. If you twang it does it feel the same as the other side?

The belt can be re-tensioned by pushing the idler pulley back and tightening it with an Allen key.

I was looking into this when I noticed that your Glowforge was able to start printing again. That’s great to see. Could you please let me know if @palmercr’s suggestions helped, or if you made any particular changes before the unit calibrated successfully?

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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email