Never going to get here

Just like the title said… My glowforge has been on back order and won’t be here till next week. I’ve allready waited two months. The anticipation is about to do me in.


A lot of us have been in the waiting boat, so don’t lose hope! Us original backers waited 2 years or more and have since received ours, so just hold out a little longer. Many of us developed the skills we would need to get good at making things, as well as creating projects ready to go when our machines did arrive. If you haven’t already, you should sign up for a fedex account and download the app, it will give you updates on the tracking in one handy location and has often given people their tracking numbers before GF has sent them one via email. On the plus side of signing up, it will notify you anytime a package via fedex is coming, this goes for any with your address and name on the package.


I only waited 8 months, but expected it to be 2. Was about the last of the founders, though that was not the expectation. What I did was to download Inkscape and explored every command
I could find to see what it did. I had previous experience with Gimp so spent less time there. You do not need to have the Glowforge to do this and be more ready to hit the ground running.


Get some ideas together for after you print your first 3 projects to learn the system. Check out the tutorials for designing for the laser tips in your favorite software. If you have questions search the forum or just ask and plenty of folks will be happy to help.

The anticipation is kind of like this (actually not, but it’s a fun commercial anyway):


Smiles and thinks of the years some of us waited.

Be patient make good use of the time while you wait.


Man, if you had told me that I would pay that sum in full and wait two years for satisfaction I would have argued with you. Turned out to be a good bet.


As an original crowd-funding backer that waited quite a while, the wait is worth it! Welcome

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Thought I’d post an update since I’m mad enough to spit fire.
Fed-ex drops my glowforge off in the middle of the driveway! I don’t know it’s out there for an hour and I don’t have my accesories box :frowning: Just shoot me now lol
I’m calling them tomorrow, there’s really no excuse.

One of the drivers on my route drops packages in a raised bed garden. Then I get the text that it’s been delivered to my preferred location.

I kept having to take pictures and sending them emails saying this was not my preferred location and I expected them to walk the extra 50 ft to my front porch or I’d start letting the dog pee on them before refusing the delivery & making them come take it back.

Don’t know if it was the pictures or the threat of urine soaked returns that got their attention :rofl:


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