Im an idiot!
We forgot to put the bottom lense in. Duhhhh!
wish I knew how to delete this post


Is it a Basic or a Pro?


its me being an idiot.
we forgot the damn bottom lense. :slight_smile:


Whoops! Chuckle! (Glad that was an easy fix!) :smile:


I know, right?!


I put mine in upside down last week. So don’t feel bad.


This was just a silly mistake. We have all done much worse at one time or another. Great that you admit it. Some wouldn’t.

Smart people make mistakes. Stupid people spend way too much time denying it. The forum is stuffed with folks who first assume that a problem is not in their file, or their procedures, etc.

Support Rule #1: If a customer claims they know what a problem isn’t, that will be where the Support team needs to focus.


No, you’re Human. Without exception, we have all been there. That’s why we put that little piece of rubber on the end of a pencil!


Is that what that thing is for? I always thought it was for carving when you were bored. :wink:


Took the top of a mains plug to put a scope probe on the live. Thought at the time is was stupid thing to do but surely I could avoid touching it, wrong! 230V up my left arm!


Well, I was so excited to have a replacement and it aligns perfect right under the camera but goes astray quickly. I stayed up until 3 am engraving… so much fun!


Perhaps you can engrave it and make a stamp? Much bigger than the rice :slight_smile:


:smile: I did used to use them for stamps. Had to do it the Philistine way with an Exacto back then though.


That would explain the look on your avatar’s face. :wink:


Yeah, I got zapped once too. It’s not something I recommend. :neutral_face:


Thanks for letting us know you were able to resolve the problem! I’m glad to hear that.

I’ll go ahead and close this topic. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new thread.