New addition, quick coaster first print

Finally got to unbox yesterday and already loving it.
Printed the gift of good measure, founders ruler, and snap box, then decided to take a crack at a last minute b-day gift add-on for my dad (sending him to glass blowing class.) Image is of him and one of his prized possessions at a show. On mobile so no idea if the pic will post or not…


Olds 442 Great car i had one… A Pontiac GTO, a Mustang Hi-po, etc.

Lucky man!

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This one’s his all original Hurst 455, he’s got a 71 442 as well. Took 35 years to convince him to let me drive the H/O :grin:


Dynamite car, and the Hurst was a beast!

LOL on finally getting to drive it. But I do understand…

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SWEET car!!! Nice coaster!

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Looks great! (You need to do that on a key fob too!) Bet he loves it! :grinning: