New air filter cartridge not as effective?

Has anybody had a problem with a new filter cartridge not being as effective as expected based on prior experience? Anything I should check for?

I can see the smoke getting sucked away normally; I don’t think there’s any problem with the fan. To be more clear, it mostly works — it doesn’t let through any visible smoke — but there’s a stronger than usual residual smell.



I don’t have the filter, but I suggest you inspect your hose for pinholes since the smoke is being evacuated as usual.


i thought of that, but the smoke getting sucked out means there’s plenty of negative pressure in the hose.

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No, that’s not a clear indication. The hose, especially the original corrugated aluminum one, is well known as a source for odors from cutting and engraving with a Glowforge. The corrugated walls create places where positive pressure exists in the exhaust path. Even if it looks to be free of holes, your best bet is to use a laser pointer in a darkened room to see where the smoke is coming from, so you can address the issue.

Smoke and the odor of smoke are always hand in hand, don’t assume that because the hose appears to be in good condition, or that smoke is being pulled from the machine, that there isn’t a pinpoint hole letting smoke into the room.


I see, thanks for that info!

… do you happen to have any recommendation for a new hose?

Apologies for not replying sooner, but a quick Amazon search for ‘AC Infinity exhaust hose’ will provide plenty of results from AC Infinity and Vivosun, pick one of the hoses that has multi-wall construction.


I did change out the hose and it does seem to be working better. Thanks for the tip!


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