New Air Filter Issue

Good Morning, I just received my Glowforge Airfilter after waiting longtime to finally receive it I have an issue, I followed all of the set up directions on the air filter Manual, clicked the switch on Glowforge unit to airfilter off, I connected the Aluminum hose with clamps exactly how directions instructed and also put switch on new. Well ran glowforge and airfilter great on Saturday I only did 3-4 cuts and engraves to test out how programe works, but this morning I turned on my Glowforge unit fine but the air filter did not turn on at all so i looked on trouble shooting airfilter manual followed all steps including swapping fuses which were not burnt but still tried. The orange light on switch nothing, no beeps even bought a separate surge protector nothing. Im so frustrated especially with the wait I had on filter alone Please Help, Thanks

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about the rough start with the Glowforge Air Filter.

I just sent you an email with the next steps to get this resolved. We’ll continue to work on this with you there, so this post will be closed.