New Air Filter lid doesn’t close

I just bought a second GF air filter. Love my first one, but needed one for my second GF. Waited months for it to arrive and I seem to be having issues.

The buckles that attach the lid do not reach the hooks. And one buckle seems to be damaged and bent. I’ve attached photos. Even when I press down on the lid, there is no budge and the buckles can not latch. This is directly out of the box by the way.

Side note: does posting here open a ticket? Or do I need to email them as well?

Posting in the forum does not open a support ticket. You will need to email Support and/or call.


That looks like a easy fix with a pair of needle nose pliers .Just bend latch back to get Stright.


That isn’t going to help the fact the entire latch is set too low to reach the lid catch not to mention the product is brand new and defective. Definitely complain to support. Somebody slipped up in the manufacturing/QA of this device.


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